As the industry changes, we strive to lead the way with new welding, industrial, and medical technologies. We appreciate our long-lasting relationships and highly value the continuance of our strong partnerships. Optrel constantly aims to excel in the global, competitive world market, offering the best quality and operating at the highest level. Our products are made in Switzerland, and we are proud to offer an unparalleled service to all of our customers around the world through our presence across North America and Europe. Our ‘Swiss-made’ stamp symbolizes the long-standing tradition of the successes Swiss companies have exhibited by working in tandem with their clients and partners.


Fresh air - where you need it


Optrel consistently avoids any air turbulence inside the helmet that could irritate your eyes. The purified air is led directly to your mouth and nose in an internal air flow channel. After all, this is the only place we need this valuable breathing air. We have also thought of a pleasant cooling. In the forehead area a continuously adjustable air outlet offers you the option to let up to 20% of the air flow onto your forehead. Pleasantly soft! No more eye irritation!

Optrel e3000X PAPR system Brings following Advantages

X-tended Application Possibilities

The new optrel e3000x reliably protects you from particles such as smoke, aerosols and dust. In addition, the mountain breeze Odor/Ozon Filter protects you from unpleasant odors and harmful ozone. In environments with harmful or even toxic gases, the A1B1E1 gas filter (available from Q2 / 2020) reliably protects you from organic, inorganic and acid gases. The new e3000x easily adapts to your needs.

X-tended Productivity

As soon as the filter in the respective air flow level is saturated, you receive an acoustic alarm and the new e3000X‘s intelligent alarm function switches fully automatically to the next lowest air flow stag – without you having to interrupt the work process.

X-tended Performance

Efficiency is achieving as much air output as possible with as little energy as possible. We have managed to double the efficiency of the new e3000X by combining a performance-optimized design with the latest battery cell technology.

With up to 18 hours of battery life and 240 litres of air per minute available at the touch of a button, the new e3000X is the perfect choice for the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available on the market.

X-tended Safety

A hard working day is imminent and you need to know where you stand. The new e3000X shows you the battery charge level at the touch of a button and calibrates the air flow automatically. So you can get through the day safely.

Optrel Panoramaxx Series


With the optrel panoramaxx Series you change your tunnel view against the largest field-of-view in a welding helmet available. Let yourself be carried away into a new dimension of seeing.

Crystal 2.0

True colour vision –directly when welding.

For the first time in the history of welding you as a welder see the joining process as it actually takes place. How the weld pool melts, how the weld seam is created. You can see how the filler material is immersed in the welding pool and gain complete control over your work.

CLT offers you brilliant vision, like through a window pane. Crystal clear. And thanks to optrel Autopilot always with the right protection level.

Bring light into the darkness

Up to 4 times lighter view in light state and in grind mode. A real world record! optrel redefines the viewing experience for welders. Discover the lightest ADF in the vegaview2.5.

The vegaview2.5 opens up a whole new visual experience to you in light state. The much brighter view of your working environment increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Thanks to optrel’s latest optic technology, you can enjoy a detailed and true-colour view of the welding process at shade levels 8-12.