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Optray® neon SHADETRONIC™ sunglasses by optrel® are the world's finest electronically auto-darkening sunglasses. These revolutionary sunglasses go from light to dark and dark to light in 0.1 seconds. They pass vivid color through the lens, so you're seeing the world in bright, natural color with no blue, green or orange tint. The neon model features black frames with neon green ear pieces and nose piece and iridescent lens. They are solar powered and there are no batteries to charge or replace. Neon sunglasses have an auto on feature, which means they are always ready for use.

Precision polarized polycarbonate lens delivers superior optical clarity and features an anti-scratch coating. Optray auto-darkening sunglasses are extremely lightweight and have flexible earpieces and nose piece. They come complete with a hard carrying case and micro fiber storage bag. Optray® SHADETRONIC™ auto-darkening sunglasses are expertly designed and manufactured in Switzerland and come with a two year lens warranty.